Aerial Video from UAV in Nepal

Here is the latest video from our Friend and Partner Opu who is a Bangladesh national. He has put his life at home on pause to travel to Nepal just one day after this tragedy struck, to document the damage and help the ongoing relief effort there in Kathmandu and surrounding areas. Opu builds and flies Drones for Aerial filming and mapping under the name “Cygnus Aerial”.

Link: CygnusAerial.com

This is just a small sample of the video he has shot over the pas few days, as internet access is limited and transfer of video to us is slow.

We will be updating you with more footage as we can get it.


XactSense has initiated a funding campaign (and this website) to help make people aware of the amazing benefits of small UAS in disaster scenarios and help get aircraft, parts, and supplies to the areas affected by this earthquake and future events.

PLEASE consider donating to our cause and help keep Opu and people like him flying!

Drones For Nepal Donation Link = https://fundly.com/drones-for-nepal

Thank You !


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